CDIS Onsite... YOUR Hassle-Free Service Solution!

Time IS Money!  In business, truer words have never been spoken.  This is even more important when any service issue arises.  Whether it's an entry door for which the automated power opener has decided to take its "vacation" early, or a simple door hinge that's been accidentally or inadvertently sprung.  The fact remains: the door WON'T close, open, or activate as it's supposed to!  And, that's just simply NOT acceptable...

CDIS Onsite™ IS the time-saving, cost-effective, and company-focused solution!  Using our PATENT PENDING, facility-specific activation and integration coding of each authorized door, window, or other asset, Onsite™ provides an instantaneous, web-based application for repair, compliance maintenance, or primary service for our clients.  Once activated, each facility asset can be uniquely scanned on virtually ANY mobile device to initiate and engage our regional network of service providers ... completely on your timeline using our industry-exclusive U-Select service system.  Each Onsite™ display features a variety of select, asset-based data, and every client can actively monitor and dynamically audit an almost limitless series of facility-specific information.  Additionally, Onsite offers a complete series of asset-based reports to track the complete service, repair, and audit upgrade history of those very assets!  Onsite QR Try that with a clipboard, ball-point pen, and hiking boots in your 6-story facility ... boasting over 3,500 openings!  You'll LOVE CDIS Onsite™ ... and so will your feet and bottom line budget!

We offer a variety of Service Plans and pricing to meet virtually any need! Contact our Onsite™ Client Services Specialists today for complete details and a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION demonstration of our Onsite™ service product!  One look and you will see the tremendous peace-of-mind, cost savings, and staffing efficiency benefits available to your business ... large or small.

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